KickAss 12V 120Ah Lithium Battery Complete Bundle

A KickAss 120AH Slim Lithium Battery with BMS & 100Amp continuous discharge, plus Battery Tray, Control Box, 25A DCDC MPPT Solar Charger, Inline Fuse, DCDC Wiring Kit, and 200W Solar Panel.

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KickAss 120Ah Lithium Battery Complete Bundle

KickAss 120Ah Lithium Battery feature overview

KickAss have spent over 10 years on development and designing of our new lithium battery. The KickAss 120AH Lithium Battery has twice the usable capacity of a 120AH AGM battery. 120AH lithium is equivalent to a 240AH AGM battery.

Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry (LiFePO4)

LiFePO4 is one of the most stable and safest lithium chemistry types available. This means KickAss LiFePO4 Batteries are safe even for the toughest of tracks. Giving you minimum 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge

Weighing Only 14.3KG

Unlike other typical lead acid batteries, the new KickAss Lithium Battery weighs only 14.3kg! Making them far easier to move and install into your setup.

Durable ABS Casing

With a high tensile strength, superb resistance to impacts and chemical erosion, our high quality ABS container ensures a long lifespan.

Audible Low battery Voltage Alarm

Don’t let a flat battery ruin your weekend! The audible alarm will notify you when your lithium battery has low voltage. The audible alarm can be toggled on or off via the app.

Specific KickAss Design

KickAss design is all about creating products that you love. After years of development, we are proud to release one of the most informative remote display units on the market!

Monitor Battery Status Via The Remote Screen (Optional Extra)

Get the full diagnostics and status of your lithium battery with a touch of a button. Monitor your battery temperature, voltage, system current, draw, time to empty, charge status & more!

Please note: KickAss Lithium Batteries cannot be linked in parallel.

KickAss Lithium 12V Control Box - With LCD Screen Feature Overview 

Power up to 10 Devices Simultaneously

The KickAss 12V Mini Power Box distributes power from your auxiliary battery to power up to 10 different devices at once. Built with 6 x USB Ports, 2 x 12V Cig Sockets and 2 x Anderson input/output, so you can power phones, tablets while also powering 12V fridges, ovens, vac sealers, projectors & more!

4 X USB Ports Featuring USB-C & QC3 Ports

get blazing fast charging on all your USB devices with the USB-C and the QC3 Port (Quick Charge 3.0). Charge phones tablets & more! Charge up to 6 USB devices simultaneously!

2 Anderson input/outputs - Charge From solar

Power 12V Fridges, travel ovens or even charge your auxiliary battery from regulated solar panels using the quick connect anderson connectors.

Built-in 3 Stage LED Light

Never be lost in the dark again! The KickAss Mini Box has a built-in convenient 3 stage LED light that is perfect for providing light when you cannot find your phone or torch.

Multiple Mounting Options

Two convenient mounting points allow for an easier installation into your canopy, camper or caravan.

Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

The anti-slip rubber feet will not only prevent your power box from slipping, they will also ensure the mini power box does not scratch any surfaces.

Protective dust cover & Anderson Cable Protective Cover

Protect the USB ports with the protective USB dust cover. The Anderson cable protective cover protects the end cable from dust and prevents the cable from being pulled out of the socket.


A battery MUST be connected prior to connecting a regulated solar panel. The regulated solar panel MUST be disconnected from the Mini Power Box before the battery is disconnected. Failing to do so may void your warranty.

Please note: This unit is not waterproof and should not be mounted out in the elements.

Please Note: This unit is not a power source. You must connect to a power supply to power your devices.

Welcome to the next generation of DCDC vehicle battery charging. KickAss has developed and delivered an onboard vehicle charging solution like no other. Engineered for durability and expertly designed for charging performance, the KickAss DC-DC charger is the new weapon of choice in dual battery systems.

KickAss DC charging at a glance:

The True 4-stage charging features BULK, ABSORPTION, FLOAT and PULSE modes with advanced algorithms enhancing the overall charging performance of auxiliary batteries. This ensures your auxiliary battery is charged the correct way enabling it to reach maximum charge capacity while also maintaining the battery to its optimum. When coupled with the powerful 25 Amp maximum output capability, it provides exceptionally fast and effective charging.

This charger eliminates the issues associated with smart charging systems and variable voltage alternators in modern vehicles, as it provides a consistent charge output to the auxiliary battery. It provides the reliable charging output required to charge, maintain and and prolong the life of your auxiliary battery, in new and old vehicles.

Inbuilt isolation prevents your auxiliary battery from draining your start battery when your vehicle is not running or charging. The smart tech of our charger detects the charging status automatically, so you never need to worry about engaging or isolating batteries manually, it’s all managed for you from the moment you turn the key.

KickAss DCDC Features

Three Pin Anderson Style Connector

Take the hassle out of connecting your 12V DCDC Charger with the new three-pin Anderson Connection. Run your positive alternator, negative ground and ignition wires together with the new three-pin Anderson connection. Fully Compatible with common two-pin Anderson style connectors.

Lithium BMS Sleep Mode Recovery Feature

When in Lithium Mode and the voltage drops below the safety parameters and the Lithium battery enters sleep mode, the DC-DC charger will begin recovery mode. The DC-DC will trickle charge the battery until it reaches the cut-in voltage and will start normal charging cycles. Most Lithium batteries are built with a Battery Management System (BMS) inside to protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging and extreme temperature changes.

One of the key functions of the BMS is to protect your battery by internally disconnecting the load when voltage drops below specific parameters, this will then result in the battery entering into a "sleep" mode (Load includes any accessories and/or device/s drawing charge from the battery. Eg: fridges, pumps, food sealers, etc)

The KickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery charger has a lithium battery recovery function. This function has been designed to recover lithium batteries from sleep mode. Lithium battery sleep mode indication: when the lithium battery has entered sleep mode, the charger will show fault codes of the output open circuit until all loads are disconnected and a sufficient charge source is connected

You must select 'LITHIUM' as the battery type by using the 'MODE' button prior to connecting it to a lithium battery in sleep mode to attempt recovery.

How to wake a lithium battery to begin recovery mode:

1. Disconnect any load connected to the lithium battery

2. Connect alternator input or solar input to the KickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger.

3. Connect the output from the DCDC Charger to the lithium battery

4. The charger will have all battery types flashing and the BULK and PULSE LED lights will remain on for 30 seconds before entering Recovery Mode

5. When the lithium battery has entered recovery mode, the KickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger display will have the source indicator illuminated (eg: Solar) and the battery type LITHIUM will be flashing

6. When the battery voltage has been recovered, the DCDC charger will automatically change to normal stage charging and programs and loads may be reconnected

Maximum Solar Gains with Integrated MPPT

Charge your Auxiliary battery from your solar panel, our charger has an second input with an integrated maximum power point tracking solar controller (MPPT)  perfect for caravan or camper applications when you still want to charge, without your vehicle running. What’s more, the MPPT ensures your getting the most effective charging from your solar panels to give your auxiliary battery as much charge as possible from the power of the sun.

Plug & Play by Design

Easily install using our Plug & Play Anderson style connectors, you will have this charger installed in mere minutes, especially when combined with our KickAss dual battery wiring kit or a KickAss battery box.

Crisp LED Display and Control

The easy to read and easy to see display gives you the chargers status in the blink of an eye. The coloured  LED indicators show charging mode and charging stage so you know exactly how your batteries are being charged. You can take control with the soft touch mode button allowing you to set the battery type with ease.

Multi Battery Type Compatibility - Including Lithium

At KickAss we understand that everyone uses different batteries in their dual battery systems, whether by application requirements or trusted personal preference. Therefore it's great to know that our charger has been designed and built to give perfect charging  with the most common types of batteries you will find out there, GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM and yes, also LITHIUM LiFePo4, for those of you looking for the ultimate dual battery set up.

Ultra Compatible

We have made this charger suit as many applications as possible, use it on 24V systems if you have a truck to charge your 12V auxiliary battery. For later model vehicles with smart charging systems, simply connect up our special voltage sense wire and you are good to go.

Fully Sealed, IP67

Built tougher than nails, our charger is fully sealed against water and dust to IP67 making it solid as a rock. The internal electronics are thermally conformal coated which provides the ultimate protection against moisture and corrosion and any other nasties that may try to get inside. Basically, it's built to last.

The Best Protection, Ever!

One of the most important features in any dual battery system controller or charger is how it protects in case of a mishap. Our charger offers real KickAss protection including:>

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Temperature Compensation

KickAss is proud to bring you this next generation in on-board vehicle charging. As always we have worked hard to ensure this great product meets and exceeds the tough operating conditions of Australia and we are sure it will provide the very best performance as the heart of your dual battery system.

What's Included:
KickAss 120Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
KickAss Lithium 12V Control Box - with LCD Screen
KickAss 120Ah Tray 
Remote Display Unit 5m Extension Cable
KickAss 25A DCDC Charger
2 x KickAss Inline Maxi Fuse Holder - Anderson Plug
KickAss Premium DCDC Wiring Kit



1 Year KickAss Warranty

This product is covered by a 1 Year Australian warranty and easy in-store or online returns.

User Manuals

Download Lithium Battery & BMS Warranty Information Sheet

Download 120AH Lithium Battery Manual

Download RDU Warranty Information Sheet


Width 36 cm
Height 27.5 cm
Length 20.5 cm
Weight 14.65 kg

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