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Kick back, unwind, and grab your favorite drink as you join Craig, Klaeton, and the team for an engaging session of "12 Volt Goodness." Dive into the world of 12-volt systems, explore our dynamic range of KickAss products, and more, all delivered with expert insights and a touch of fun.

12 Volt Tech Talk Series

New to the world of 12 volt power systems? Start your journey here! Our '12 Volt Tech Talk' series is tailor-made for beginners. Here, you'll find easy-to-understand videos that guide you through the fundamentals of 12 volt systems.

AGM vs Lithium Batteries | Tech Talk Ep 1

Find out the difference between AGM and Lithium Batteries and which battery is right for you.

What Is A Battery Management System? (BMS) | Tech Talk Ep 2

Learn all about battery management systems and why a good BMS is important.

High Current Chargers | Tech Talk Ep 3

In this Episode Klaeton and Adam walk through how to get the most out of your KickAss 40A DCDC charger.

The Ultimate Dual Battery System Education Video!

If you want to learn about installing a dual battery system into your vehicle, caravan or camper trailer this one hour video will take you from novice to expert.