12V Jaffle Makers

Take your sandwich-making to the next level with a 12V jaffle maker. Enjoy a hot, crispy toasty, without the hassle of packing a heavy cast iron sandwich press. A KickAss 12V jaffle maker will deliver the perfect toastie, every time, without draining your battery. Coated with non-stick food-grade Teflon, your golden toasted sandwich will slide seamlessly onto your plate without sticking, and cleanup will be quick and easy. Use your 12V jaffle maker to whip up a ham and cheese jaffle for yourself, before making a round of Nutella and banana for the kids – you’ll be the most popular person in the campsite.

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12V Jaffle Maker
12V Camping Jaffle Maker
Hot, crispy, golden toasties on the go.
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