Why Every Driver Should Carry a Portable Jump Starter

Why Every Driver Should Carry a Portable Jump Starter - KickAss Products

As hardworking Aussies who love hitting the outback in our 4WDs, the last thing we need is a dead battery ruining our adventure. Whether it's a remote camping trip, a weekend off-roading, or just a beer run with the mates, having a reliable portable jump starter can save the day. Here’s why every 4WD enthusiast should carry a portable jump starter like the KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter.

1. Get Back on the Road in No Time

We all know that feeling of dread when the engine won’t turn over, especially when you’re miles away from help. With the KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter, you don’t have to wait for a kind stranger or roadside assistance. It’s like having a dependable mate in your toolbox, always ready to get your 4WD roaring back to life. Plus, it saves you the embarrassment of having to call for help when you’ve left the lights on after a night of camping and beers.

2. Night-Time Safety and Convenience

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere, especially at night, can be a bit of a worry. The KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter comes with a built-in LED light, perfect for those late-night breakdowns or setting up camp after dark. It’s not just about getting your car started; it’s about making sure you can see what you’re doing and staying safe. Plus, the LED light is handy for finding your way back to the tent after a few too many brews around the campfire.

3. Power Up Your Gadgets on the Go

Out in the wild, your phone’s GPS, your camp lights, and other gadgets can run out of juice quickly. The KickAss 1500A isn’t just a jump starter; it’s also a powerful portable power bank with USB ports to charge your devices. Keep your phone charged for those Instagram-worthy shots of your off-road adventures or stay in touch with home base. It’s like having a power station in your 4WD, so you’re never left in the dark (or without tunes).

4. Built for the Long Haul

Quality matters when you’re out in the bush. The KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter can deliver up to 55 jump starts on a single charge. That’s peace of mind knowing you’ve got reliable power when you need it, whether you’re on a weekend trip or an extended outback expedition. With this kind of durability, you can trust it to keep your rig going strong.

5. Simple and Easy to Use

Let’s face it, not everyone’s a mechanic. The KickAss 1500A is designed to be user-friendly, even if you’re more at home with a stubby in hand than a spanner. With clear instructions and a digital information screen, it’s easy to check your battery status and get your car started without any guesswork. Even after a long day of driving and a few cold ones, you’ll have no trouble using this handy gadget.

6. Compact and Ready to Roll

Space is precious when you’re packing for a camping trip. The KickAss 1500A comes in a tough, durable carry pack that fits neatly in your 4WD without taking up much room. It’s portable and rugged, just like your vehicle. Toss it in the back, and you’ll be ready for anything the road (or off-road) throws at you.


For the Aussies who love their 4WDs, camping trips, and the great outdoors, the KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter is a must-have. It’s not just about avoiding the hassle of a dead battery; it’s about ensuring you’re always ready for the next adventure. Don’t let a flat battery ruin your trip—grab a KickAss 1500A Portable Jump Starter and keep the good times rolling.

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