Portable Solar Blankets

If you want a quick and easy option for solar power, that’s easier to transport than traditional fixed panels, consider a portable solar blanket. They’ll convert sunshine into energy to charge your batteries or run your devices, and are easy to transport and set up. Slide your portable solar blanket out from its protective pocket, unfold it in the sun, and enjoy harvesting your solar power. When you’re finished, simply fold them back up and pop them back in their pocket. It really is as easy as that. Our KickAss portable solar blankets are all lightweight, easy to carry, and operate at maximum efficiency thanks to their A-grade monocrystalline cells.

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KickAss 12V 160W Portable Solar Blanket
KickAss 12V 160W Solar Blanket
Keep your off-grid power system charged and running smoothly. Features A-grade monocrystalline cells.
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