KickAss 12V Smart Battery Guard (VSR & LVD in 1)

Disconnect any non-essential loads from the battery, or set as a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) and connect the main battery to the auxiliary battery. Includes fully customizable Bluetooth app.

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KickAss 12V Battery Guard

The KickAss Battery Guard can disconnect any non-essential loads from the battery (Low Voltage Disconnect). Or it can be set as a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) and connect the main battery to the auxiliary battery. Fully customisable Bluetooth app, manual override switch, LED diagnostics mode.

Set As Low Voltage Disconnect or Voltage Sensitive Relay  

Have the flexibility to set the battery guard to suit your needs. Set the Battery Guard as a low voltage disconnect (LVD) or a voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR). If upgrading your vehicle and no longer need an VSR simply change the functionality from a VSR to an LVD via the app. 

Battery Guard - Low Voltage Disconnect 

Protect your battery from accidental over discharge with Battery. Simply install the devices onto your auxiliary battery and set the voltage and once it reaches the set voltage it will disconnect all loads, preventing damage to your battery from over discharge.

Battery Guard - Voltage Sensitive Relay

Allows both your main and auxiliary to be charged at the same time from your alternator. Perfect for vehicles that do not have smart alternators

Fully Customisable Settings Within Bluetooth App 

With the fully customisable settings within the handy Bluetooth app, you can control and set all of your battery guard preferences with ease. Simply connect to the battery guard via Bluetooth and set the setting as a VSR or LVD.

Set cut in/out voltages & cut in/out timeout

Manual override switch via App - great for emergency situations. Using the bluetooth app, you can set the timer before your smart guard cuts out once it goes below cut out voltage, great for high load application such as an inverter where voltage may momentarily drop below the cut out voltage but you still want your battery to remain connected.

Manual Override Switch 

Have full control at your fingertips with the Manual Override Switch. Run it into your dashboard allowing you to manually override the battery guard settings. Perfect for activating the VSR to jump start your main battery from your auxiliary battery. 

Please check your battery specifications before attempting to jump start.

LED Diagnostics

Get full diagnostics at a glance from the battery guard or LED light in Manual override Switch:

1 Short Green LED Pulse Every 4 seconds - Battery Voltage is above Cut-in Voltage and Battery Guard is engaged 

1 Short Blue LED Pulse Every 4 Seconds - Battery Voltage Below Cut-out Voltage and Waiting for pre-set timeout to expire before battery guard disconnect from starter battery and load Terminals 

1 Short Red LED Pulse Every 4 Seconds - Battery Voltage is below the cut-out. Battery guard is Disengaged and load terminals are disconnected. 

100A Continuous Max Discharge

With a maximum 100 Amp continuous discharge, the battery guard is perfect for all common 12V applications with up to 300A peak current for emergency jump starting. 1200W is the maximum sized inverter that can be run with the Battery Guard

Easy Installation

Installing your battery guard onto your auxiliary battery has never been easier. The battery guard has been designed to fit directly onto the terminal of your battery so no additional cabling or mounting hardware is required.

Safe for High Temperature use.

The engineers at KickAss have thoroughly tested the battery guard for use in high temperatures. 

Please note: if using this in the KickAss Battery box as and LVD, when the LVD activates, you will need to use the override switch to re-commerce charging. 

1 Year KickAss Warranty

This product is covered by a 1 Year Australian warranty and easy in-store or online returns.

User Manuals

Download Battery Guard Manual


Width 20.5 cm
Height 4 cm
Length 14.5 cm
Weight 0.41 kg

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