KickAss 120Ah Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DCDC Complete Package

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This Dual Battery package includes an 120Ah Slimline Battery, 25Amp DC/DC Charger, Battery Tray, Premium Wiring Kit, DC/DC Accessory panel, and Quick Connect LVD. Save when buying as a bundle.

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What's in this package deal?

Save $30.00
KickAss Battery Tray Accessory PanelKickAss Battery Tray Accessory Panel
KickAss Battery Tray Accessory Panel
Perfect for securing your DC/DC charger, circuit breakers and accessories.
Save $25.00
KickAss Premium Plug & Play DCDC Wiring KitKickAss Premium Plug & Play DCDC Wiring Kit Alt 1 Image
KickAss Premium Plug & Play DCDC Wiring Kit
Perfect for DC-DC chargers or battery boxes, easy DIY install.
Save $14.00
KickAss Quick Connect Low Voltage Disconnect LVD Main ImageKickAss Quick Connect Low Voltage Disconnect LVD Alt 1 Image
KickAss Quick Connect Low Voltage Disconnect LVD
Protects your batteries from damaging over-discharge.
Save $160.00
KickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger 12V-24V 25A Pre-wired AndersonKickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger 12V-24V 25A Pre-wired Anderson
KickAss DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger 12V-24V 25A Pre-wired Anderson
Charge your secondary battery from your alternator. Plug-and-play, lithium compatible.
Save $90.00
KickAss 120AH AGM Slimline Battery TrayKickAss 120AH AGM Slimline Battery Tray
KickAss 120Ah Slimline Battery Tray
Makes it easy to install your battery behind rear seats in a dual cab ute, or any confined space.
Save $70.00
KickAss Slimline 12V 120AH Deep Cycle AGM Dual Battery Main ImageKickAss Slimline 12V 120AH Deep Cycle AGM Dual Battery Alt 1 Image
KickAss Slimline 12V 120Ah Deep Cycle AGM Dual Battery
Charge from solar panels, alternator & 240V mains power. Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.
KickAss Automotive Inline MAXI Fuse Holder - Anderson PlugKickAss Automotive Inline MAXI Fuse Holder - Anderson Plug
KickAss Automotive Inline MAXI Fuse Holder - Anderson Plug
Heavy duty cable, waterproof casing, includes 80 amp fuse.

KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KickAss 170AH Slim Battery Tray KickAss 170AH Slim Battery Tray KickAss 170AH Slim Battery Tray KICKASS 170Ah Slimline Battery Tray & Accessory Panel KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KADCDC25A-AND - KICKASS DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger 12V-24V 25A Pre-wired Anderson KADCDC25A-AND - KICKASS DCDC MPPT Solar Battery Charger 12V-24V 25A Pre-wired Anderson KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package KATRAYMT120DCDCLVD - KICKASS 120AH Slimline AGM Battery & 25A DC-DC Complete Package

*Please note use of this battery under your bonnet, to power trolling motorsor in electric golf buggies will void your warranty. More suitable battery types for these applications are CCA rated batteries. KickAss Batteries are not CCA rated and should not be used to start vehicles.

This kit includes oneof our KICKASS® 120AH Slimline AGM deep cycle batteries, a KickAss 120Ah Slim Battery Tray Accessory Panel. Our battery tray allows you to install your battery units behind the rear seat in your dual cab ute, and the accessory panel allows you to easily mount battery accessories.

KICKASS Slim 12V 120AH Deep Cycle AGM Dual Battery

Key Features:

  • Power your 12V fridges, high powered inverters, lights or any other 12V appliances
  • Store solar or wind power
  • Suitable for 4x4 and Marine Conditions
  • Completely Sealed - (allowing you to place the battery in whatever angle is needed)
  • High vibration resistance - Enables them to withstand even the toughest 4x4 tracks)
  • Rugged ABS Container - The tough and high quality ABS container will last for decades without aging or deforming: keeping your battery looking brand new!
  • 99.7% pure lead calcium grids
  • Low self-discharge and long shelf life
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • 5 Year pro-rata warranty

Maintenance-Free and Safe:

To make life easier for you, KICKASS® Batteries are completely maintenance-free. No more refilling terminals with water; just purchase and reap the benefits.

Compact Size:

Our slimline battery tray can conveniently be mounted with our slim battery tray behind the rear seats in your dual cab ute or 4WD.

Safety valve:

You can rely on the in-built safety valve to keep you and your family safe by ensuring the battery is completely sealed, preventing any possible battery explosions.

Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery:

High oxygen-recombination efficiency ensures no loss of electrolyte, giving the batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance, just in case you accidently discharge your batteries a little too much! This also ensures you will never need to replace electrolyte during the course of the batteries' life.

Durable Plates:

High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long design life span of 8 years (for infrequent discharge @20¡C).

Corrosion resistant:

Lead-calcium grids maintain a low self-discharge rate of approximately 3% of capacity per month

Quality copper-silver terminals:

Small contact copper-silver terminals offer minimal resistance and high corrosion resistance

  • Solar applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency Power System
  • Power plant and power transformer system
  • Control Equipment

KickAss 25Amp DC-DC Charger

Welcome to the next generation of DC-DC vehicle battery charging. KickAss have developed and delivered an on-board vehicle charging solution like no other. Engineered for durability and expertly designed for charging performance, the KickAss DC-DC charger is the new weapon of choice in dual battery systems.

Powerful DC-DC Charging, True 4 Stage

The True 4 stage charging features BULK, ABSORPTION, FLOAT and PULSE modes with advanced algorithms enhancing the overall charging performance of auxiliary batteries. This ensures your auxiliary battery is charged the correct way enabling it to reach maximum charge capacity while also maintaining the battery to its optimum. When coupled with the powerful 25 Amp maximum output capability, it provides exceptionally fast and effective charging.

The Fourth Stage

Keeping your battery fit is paramount for dual battery systems and that's why we have included the PULSE fourth stage. After a 10 day period providing your battery is charged, the PULSE mode activates and provides a controlled current absorption like charge which conditions the battery and maintains your battery’s health.

This charger eliminates the issues associated with smart charging systems and variable voltage alternators in modern vehicles, as it provides a consistent charge output to the auxiliary battery. It provides reliable charging output required to charge, maintain and and prolong the life of your auxiliary battery, in new and old vehicles.

Three Pin Anderson Connector

Take the hassle ou of connecting your 12V DCDC Charger with the new thre pin Anderson Connection. Run your postive alternator, negative ground and ignition wires together with the new three pin Anderson connection. Backwards compatible with common two pin anderson connectors.

Automatic Battery Isolation

Inbuilt isolation prevents your auxiliary battery from draining your start battery when your vehicle is not running or charging. The smart tech of our charger detects the charging status automatically, so you never need to worry about engaging or isolating batteries manually, it’s all managed for you from the moment you turn the key.

Maximum Solar Gains with Integrated MPPT

Charge your Auxiliary battery from your solar panel, our charger has an second input with an integrated maximum power point tracking solar controller (MPPT)  perfect for caravan or camper applications when you still want to charge, without your vehicle running. What’s more, the MPPT ensures your getting the most effective charging from your solar panels to give your auxiliary battery as much charge as possible from the power of the sun.

Plug & Play by Design

Easily install using our Plug & Play Anderson style connectors, you will have this charger installed in mere minutes, especially when combined with our KickAss dual battery wiring kit or a KickAss battery box.

Crisp LED Display and Control

The easy to read and easy to see display gives you the chargers status in the blink of an eye. The coloured  LED indicators show charging mode and charging stage so you know exactly how your batteries are being charged. You can take control with the soft touch mode button allowing you to set the battery type with ease.

Multi Battery Type Compatibility - Including Lithium

At KickAss we understand that everyone uses different batteries in their dual battery systems, whether by application requirements or trusted personal preference. Therefore it's great to know that our charger has been designed and built to give perfect charging  with the most common types of batteries you will find out there, GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM and yes, also LITHIUM LiFePo4, for those of you looking for the ultimate dual battery set up.

Ultra Compatible

We have made this charger suit as many applications as possible, use it on 24V systems if you have a truck to charge your 12V auxiliary battery. For later model vehicles with smart charging systems, simply connect up our special voltage sense wire and you are good to go.

Fully Sealed, IP67

Built tougher than nails, our charger is fully sealed against water and dust to IP67 making it solid as a rock. The internal electronics are thermally conformal coated which provides the ultimate protection against moisture and corrosion and any other nasties that may try to get inside. Basically, its built to last.

The Best Protection, Ever!

One of the most important features in any dual battery system controller of charger is how it protects in case of a mishap. Our charger offers real KickAss protection including:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Temperature Compensation

KickAss is proud to bring you this next generation in on-board vehicle charging. As always we have worked hard to ensure this great product meets and exceeds the tough operating conditions of Australia and we are sure it will provide the very best performance as the heart of your dual battery system.

120AH KickAss Slimline Battery Tray

Built specifically for our range of Slimline batteries, our brand-new slimline battery trays are the solution to securing your KickAss slimline battery. These KickAss battery trays are perfect for installation behind the rear seats of a modern 4WD dual cab, or in its canopy.

Behind Seat Battery Tray:

Store your battery out of sight and maximise storage space for your other belongings. Ideal for Rangers, Hiluxes, BT-50s, Amarok’s and Navaras.

Heavy Duty Slimline Battery Mount

Constructed with a lightweight & strong aluminium frame to protect and secure your battery. A heavy duty slim battery tray designed for the toughest Australian Terrain.

Hold-Down Straps

Our slimline battery holder features 2 heavy duty straps that hold your battery in place. These can easily be detached, allowing easy access your battery.

Australian Made

Our slimline battery brackets are 100% Australian made for guaranteed quality.

Factory Mounting Holes

Simply mount your slim battery tray via the factory mounting holes. Comes with all bolts and screws included, so you don’t have to shop around for extras.

Slimline Battery Tray Accessory Panel

A handy panel that allows you to easily connect your battery accessories. Pre-drilled holed for a simple connection to your battery tray. Pre-drilled holes also measured to fit the KickAss Dc/Dc, LVD or VSR, and a circuit breaker.

Plug & Play Premium Wiring Kit

There is nothing like having the right parts to get the job done and the team at KICKASS® have done just that in developing a premium plug and play wiring kit for installing a range of dual battery systems. Carefully designed for ultra easy DIY fitting these kits use high-quality trade grade components so you can be on par with the pros for your wiring installations. Now featuring new Three Pin Anderson connector

Plug & Play Design

These kits are completely plug and play for any system that uses Anderson connectors for charging input and have everything you need for a professional wiring installation.  Our newly developed Maxifuse cable included in this kit makes it very easy to connect to the start battery, provides 50A circuit protection and has an inline 50A Anderson connector. This seamlessly connects to the huge 6 meters of heavy duty twin sheathed 8 B&S cable that runs to the rear of the vehicle. This cable is pre-crimped with Anderson connector terminals which makes it easy to run through holes and grommets. Once the cable is run, all you need to do is clip the Anderson connectors on and connect them to each other. the kit also includes cable ties for securing the main cables, a spare 80A Maxifuse, spare Anderson connector terminals and a small ring terminal assortment for optional connection to an inline VSR if required.

Be sure to watch the video to see just how easy this kit is to install

The Wiring Kit Includes:

  • 6 x meters of heavy duty 8 B&S Cable with 80A Maxifuse pre-installed - pre-crimped
  • 6 x 50 Amp Anderson Terminals
  • 1 x 50 Amp 3 Pin Anderson Connector
  • 1 x 80 Amp Spare Maxifuse
  • 10 x Black Cable Ties (300mm)
  • 1x 3M Tail Ignition Cable
  • 2 x Automotive inline maxi fuse holder - Anderson Plug (Includes 2 x 80 Amp Fuses)

Other Components Part Of This Kit:

  • KICKASS 12 Volt 120AH Slim Deep Cycle AGM Dual Car Battery
  • 120AH Slimline Battery Tray
  • 1 x Slimline Battery Tray Accessory Panel
  • 1 x Plug & Play Wiring Kit

Note - KickAss is not responsible or liable for any modification performed on your vehicle.

1 Year KickAss Warranty

This product is covered by a 1 Year Australian warranty and easy in-store or online returns.

User Manuals

Download Warranty Information Summary


Width 36 cm
Height 44 cm
Length 44 cm
Weight 37.8 kg


  • Nominal Voltage 12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity 120Ah@20 hour rate F.V.(1.80V/cell)
  • Approximate Weight 31.4Kg (69.2lbs.)
  • Terminals B3 (Fitting M8 bolt & nut) I2 is optional
  • ​Internal Resistance = O O4.5Ω (Fully Charged)
  • Maximum Discharge Current 1200A (5 sec)
  • Maximum Charge Current 25A
  • Operating Temperature Range Charge: -10°C~40°C (14°F~104°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 65°C
  • Discharge: -20°C~50oC (-4°F~122°F)
  • Storage: -20°C~40°C (-4°F~104°F)
  • Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at (25°C)

Dimensions 393mm L x 108mm W x 288mm H
Weight : 31.4kg

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