Introducing the Game-Changing 40 Amp DC Charger from KickAss Products

Introducing the Game-Changing 40 Amp DC Charger from KickAss Products - KickAss Products

For those new to the concept, a DC-DC charger is an essential component in modern off-grid and mobile power systems. It ensures your batteries are efficiently charged while driving, disconnecting when the engine is off, and also incorporates a solar controller for a comprehensive charging solution. The move to a 40 Amp model means more power flowing back into your battery, reducing the amount of driving needed to maintain charge levels and keep your gear powered.

Compatibility and Use Cases

A key question many of our customers have is about compatibility, especially concerning battery types. Due to the higher current output, this charger is ideal for larger battery setups, particularly our lithium battery range. For instance, it's perfect for a 200 Amp lithium setup or two 120 Amp lithium batteries wired in parallel, offering a robust charging solution for significant power reserves.

Solar Priority Functionality

One of the standout features of our 40 Amp charger is the ability to prioritize solar charging. On sunny days, when solar input is ample, you can opt to draw primarily from your panels, conserving fuel and reducing wear on your vehicle's alternator. This feature reflects our commitment to efficiency and sustainability, allowing for smarter power management on the go.

The Importance of the Right Wiring Kit

With increased power comes the need for suitable wiring. A heavy-duty wiring kit, specifically designed for our high-capacity chargers, ensures minimal voltage drop across the connection, maintaining optimal charging efficiency. Using a smaller gauge could result in power loss before reaching the charger, emphasizing the value of our heavy-duty wiring solutions.

Smart Alternator Compatibility

Modern vehicles often come with smart alternators, which adjust charging output based on the vehicle and starter battery's needs. Our 40 Amp DC Charger and the accompanying wiring kit are designed to seamlessly integrate with these systems, ensuring consistent and reliable charging, regardless of alternator type.

Final Thoughts

We're incredibly proud of the new 40 Amp DC Charger and the opportunities it opens for adventurers, off-gridders, and anyone needing reliable power in remote locations. Its launch marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide high-quality, innovative power solutions.

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